Solar Controller SCOP-AL


Controlador Solar SCOP-ALThe SCOP-AL solar controller is a temperature differential controller that offers all the vital functions for a standard solar thermal system. the controller is equipped with a comprehensive system-moni­toring display, which shows the system parameters quickly and easily. For data communication, the controller has a VBus system to which additional modules such as remote displays or dataloggers can be connected. The SCOP-AL offers heat quantity measurement, a solar operating hours counter and can be switched between °C and °F. Operation and function control are simple.



Solar Controller: SCOP-AL Code 5 400 201


Plastic, PC-ABS and PMMA

Protection type

IP 20 / EN 60529


144 x 208 x 43 mm


3 x Pt1000


1 electromechanical relay with contact drive

 * Other models on request